Oct 30 – 2012

News From Academiya

You can now try a new wine in Academiya. Called Novello, it is a young wine from this year. The celebration of young wine is … Read more

Oct 21 – 2012

News From La Bottega Siciliana

Every Sunday is family day at La Bottega Siciliana. Our pizzaiolo, Giuseppe Peluso, holds a masterclass on how to prepare a real Neapolitan pizza for … Read more

Oct 19 – 2012

News from La Bottega Siciliana

We would like to welcome you to our restaurant to enjoy your dinner with the accompaniment of live music from our singer from Italy, Christian. … Read more

News From La Bottega Siciliana and Semifreddo-Mulinazzo

We are taking part in Moscow’s Gastronomic Festival, and are happy to offer you specially selected tasting menu sets that you are welcome to try … Read more

Oct 05 – 2012

News from Semifreddo-Mulinazzo

We are very proud to announce that Semifreddo-Mulinazzo has made it on TripAdvisor’s list of recommended places! With Love, Semifreddo Group

Oct 04 – 2012

News from Academiya

We welcome you to try our new hot drinks! With Love, Semifreddo Group


Oct 02 – 2012

News From La Bottega Siciliana

Bring your own alcoholic beverage to La Bottega Siciliana.