Mar 07 – 2018

Academia at Kamergersky

Dear Friends, cafe Academia at Kamergersky is closed for renovation from 12th to 28th March. With love,Semifreddo Group

Mar 01 – 2018

New working hours of Academia Volkhonka

Dear guests, we want to inform you about the new working hours of  cafe “Academia” at Volkhonka. From 01/03/2018, the cafe-pizzeria will be open from … Read more

Feb 26 – 2018

Modern Lenten menu at Bolognetta Osteria & Pizzeria

“Even Lenten food should be appetizing, yet the lent lasts forty days, and some products that are found so often in Lenten menus, have time … Read more

Lenten menu at La Bottega Siciliana

The chef of La Bottega Siciliana Claudio Pirovano  has prepared a Lenten menu consisting of traditional Italian dishes and products. Basis – the most popular … Read more

Lenten menu at cafe Academia

We present you a lean menu at the cafe “Academia” – modern, healthy, tasty and will allow you to have choice of dishes and variety … Read more

Dec 26 – 2017

Open hours during the hollidays

Semifreddo: 31.12 closed 01.01 open from 18.00 La Bottega Siciliana: 31.12 from 12.00 to 19.00 01.01 с 14.00 Osteria&Pizzeria Bolognetta: 31.12 from 12.00 to 19.00 … Read more

Cafe Academia working hours due hollidays

    Bronnaya and Butikovsky: 31.12.17 from 10.00 to 18.00 01.01.18 from 14.00 till the last guest Evropeisky: 31.12.17 с 10.00 до 19.00 01.01.18 closed … Read more

Dec 22 – 2017

News from Academiya on Abelmanovskaya

Уважаемые гости! В связи с проведением закрытого мероприятия, 22.12 в пятницу, Кафе “Академия” на Абельмановской работает до 14.00. Приносим извинение за доставленные неудобства! По всем … Read more

Oct 30 – 2017

News from Academiya

At the cafe Academia new seasonal menu is available. We didn’t choose just one type of cuisine its a mix so you have a lot … Read more

Sep 22 – 2017

News from Academiya

You can order the delivery of dishes from the cafe “Academia” to your home or to the office by calling the nearest cafe. We will … Read more

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