Nov 11 – 2016

News from Chinese Academiya on Bakuninskaya

Уважаемые гости, 13 ноября 2016 года Академия по-Китайски будет закрыта с 13 до 21 часа на спецобслуживание. Приносим свои извинения за предоставленные неудобства.  

Aug 04 – 2016

News from Academiya

Academiya on Gogolevskiy Blvd. is holding renovations. In September, we will come back as a new restaurant called Dr. No, serving contemporary Asian cuisine, as … Read more

Dec 29 – 2015

News from Academiya

Dear friends! Academiya Chinese on Bakuninskaya is open! We are waiting for You! With Love,Semifreddo Group

Sep 16 – 2015

News from Academiya

Dear friends! C 17 September 2015 cafe “Academy” Bakunin is closed for repairs. With Love,Semifreddo Group

Mar 13 – 2015

News from Semifreddo

  Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that Semifreddo is now once again open. We are now located at Timura Frunze st. 11, … Read more

Feb 24 – 2015

News from Semifreddo Group

Dear Friends! Lent has arrived in our restaurants and we have come up with different dishes for every taste. Please visit the personal page of … Read more

Feb 17 – 2015

News from Academiya

Dear friends! From February 16 until the 22 we are helping non-profit organization, “Artist”, and donating one dollar for every pancake dish sold to their … Read more

Feb 10 – 2015

News from La Bottega Siciliana

Dear friends! We are glad to announce that starting tomorrow Andrea De Palma will be performing again in La Bottega Siciliana With Love, Semifreddo Group

Jan 14 – 2015

News from Academiya

Dear Friends! We are sorry to inform you that Cafe-Pizzeria Academiya on Prospekt Mira and Bolshaya Ordinka will no longer be open. We are saddened … Read more

Jan 12 – 2015

News from Academiya

Dear Friends! As of right now, cafe Academiya on Bolshaya Ordinka is temporarily closed. Please stay tuned and check for any updates on our Facebook … Read more

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