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Breakfast at the cafe “Academy”

Сafes “Academy” offer new breakfast menu.

Breakfast is the most important food of the day.

Start your day with a breakfast at any time in the cafe “Academy” because it lasts all day, starting from 8 am.

The fragrant freshly baked croissants with ham and cheese, tortilla with chicken breast, sandwiches with salmon and roast beef – perfect for those who is serious about breakfast.

From the category of dietary and healthy breakfast – toast with avocado.

Fans of the classics – can have pancakes that is accomplished with huge variety of fillings: salted salmon with lemon and herbs, red caviar, jam, condensed milk and jam, sour cream and cottage cheese.

We have variety of eggs: eggs Benedict with spinach, bacon and ham, or scramble on bread with tomatoes and feta cheese, scrambled or fried eggs, hearty and spicy shakshuka with sweet pepper, cheese and tomatoes, spinach, onions and herbs, different types of sausages, bacon and ham, poached egg with salmon and hollandaise sauce.

Porridge for breakfast is not only useful but also delicious! Oatmeal and rice, wheat and buckwheat, bulgur out with dates, pumpkin, fruit and nuts cane be prepared with the cow’s, almond or coconut milk of your choice.

Cottage home, lush cottage cheese pancakes with various fillings and traditional vareniki -all this in a cafes “Academy” is awaiting for you all day long !!!! Do not be afraid to miss the breakfast – with your favorite “Academy” its impossible!

With love,
Semifreddo Group

– Anna Vitosinszkaja