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Summer cocktail menu at the pan-Asian restaurant Gutai
Come and try new summer fresh cocktail menu! Its right what you need on a summer days!
In order to prepare this menu, Ivan Sablin – chef-barman of the “Klava” bar and Gutai restaurant – for several months, he deduced recipes for new liqueurs, all products for which are exclusively organic.
We wanted to make a summer fresh berry menu with Asian notes, using only seasonal ingredients and home made syrups, since Gutai does not use ready-made syrups.
So, in the cocktail “White Russian” – Black & Milk notes of cherry and almond milk with fresh Moroccan mint, Kaori cocktail with dried peach and garden rose, Currant Bucket non-alcoholic cocktail with bright and refreshing taste of currant, Kiwi + Lemongrass with kiwi, Lemon grass, lime juice and coconut water. In the menu also smoothies based on arugula with banana Arug Smoothie.

With Love,
Semifreddo Group

– Anna Vitosinszkaja