News from Semifreddo

New seasonal menu from Nino Graziano and Luca Verdolini at “Semifreddo” Restaurant.

The legendary Italian restaurant “Semifreddo” new special offer from the brand-chef Nino Graziano and chief Luca Verdolini is available now.
The new menu is the mainly Sicilian dishes, as well as Northern Italy – Tuscany and Piedmont.
Nino and Luca take the basis of the classic Italian cuisine, as well as remembering the recipes of their mothers, bringing them something of their own.
For example, Carpaccio di carciofi – carpaccio of artichokes with parmesan cheese – served with fresh green onions, Fresh red Sicilian prawns – dressed with apple and celery.
Nino and Luke creating their menu is not without regard to Russian cuisine, which is loved by all, without exception, and offer an alternative to them.
There are, for example, a simple but very tasty Italian dish – fried potatoes with artichokes and eggs, which is vaguely reminiscent of everyone’s favorite home-fried potatoes with onions.

With love,
Semifreddo Group

– Anna Vitosinszkaja