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We are a group serving you with a variety of innovative cafes, bars and restaurants. Merging food and culture, we aim to bring a new experience to your senses.

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  • Jul 10 – 2017

    News from Semifreddo Group

    Chanterelles’s season at our restaurants We are pleased to announce that at restaurants La Bottega Siciliana and Semifreddo season of ...
  • Jun 27 – 2017

    News from Bar Klava

      Happy Birthday Klava Bar – 7 years30th of June in the Klava bar live music from Majicool!Don’t miss it!Start ...
  • Jun 27 – 2017

    News from Gutai

    Summer cocktail menu at the pan-Asian restaurant GutaiCome and try new summer fresh cocktail menu! Its right what you need ...