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Semifreddo Group is a restaurant group made up of many different projects. Please, take a look around and we are positive you will find something that suits your taste!

Semifreddo-Mulinazzo is turning 10 years old this year! We would like to thank everyone who shared this experience with us, and hope to see you all with us for many years to come!


About Us

“Semifreddo Group” has begun its existence in 2001 with the opening of café-pizzeria “Academiya”.

By that time we have already had experience in the restaurant world with “Portofino”, an Italian restaurant, which gave us the idea of creating a project that would have the same quality of service and dishes our guests were used to, but with a more attainable price and atmosphere.


The success of this project has given us the motivation to turn “Academiya” into a chain product, which is always expanding, and currently has over ten restaurants.


Despite the favorable outcome of the “Academiya” chain, we wanted to try ourselves in a new project with a totally different format. Soon, we came

across the opportunity of collaborating with a renowned Italian chef, Nino Graziano, who had a two Michelin star restaurant in Sicily called “Mulinazzo”. Nino Graziano liked our idea, and soon, in 2003, a new restaurant called “Semifreddo-Mulinazzo” came into existence. This restaurant has been considered among the best Italian restaurants in Moscow for many years, and in 2010, has earned the right to be called one of the best in the world when it entered the list of “The San Pellegrino World’s 100 Best Restaurants”.


Semifreddo Group is constantly working on new concepts. Our desire to grow motivates us to bring new ideas into reality. We try to surprise our guests with openings of new places that would be of interest to everyone. Semifreddo Group is made up of a range of different projects, from a coffeehouse with ready to eat food to a restaurant and karaoke-bar, and from a pub-style bar to a gastronomical Italian restaurant.


We hope to see you at our cafes, bars, and restaurants, and invite you to visit our website regularly for the latest news and interesting offers.


With Love,

Semifreddo Group