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Semifreddo is one of the best known restaurants in Moscow, and with good reason. It has been part of San Pellegrino’s 100 Best Restaurants list, and its chef is none other than Nino Graziano, two Michelin star holder and one of the most recognized Italian chefs in the world. Semifreddo has been a home to any festivity imaginable, as well as also being a regular casual meeting point for regulars and one-time visitors alike.

Working hours:

mon.-sun. 12:00 - until the last guest

(kitchen open until 23:30)

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Meet the chef


Nino Graziano

When Semifreddo-Mulinazzo opened its doors in 2003, Nino Graziano became the head-chef of the restaurant, bringing his own take on traditional and modern cuisine. Nino was born in Bolognetta, located in the heart of Sicily. Taking his father's advice into consideration, 15 year old Nino joined a culinary school, and has never looked back since. In 1988 He opened his own restaurant, "Mulinazzo", which earned him two Michelin stars.

Despite Nino Graziano's many achievments within the culinary world, he does not tire in experimenting and trying to excell at this art form. This and his desire to experience a new country was precisely what led him to try his ideas in a new project in Moscow. Here, just like in Italy, the stars of the show are the produce, the picking of which Nino takes as seriously as picking a life partner. Every dish that Nino prepares is very close to his heart, proof of which is Semifreddo itself – a type of semi-frozen dessert that he creates with the help of his grandmother's recipe – which also serves as the name of our restaurant.

"Food is an integral part of the history and culture of our time. For me, it's life."

- Nino Graziano

Semifreddo chef



Timura Frunze str. 11, building 55